Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jonathan's last day of flag football. Each day was very interesting, but for that matter everyday right now is a bit of a rollercoaster with Jonathan. But he finished the season and learned to go after that ball no matter who else was after it and had many great times.We saw a competitive spirit in him that we've never seen before so we'll see if he'll like to play tackle football next season.
Jonathan and Caroline got to have Halloween parades in costume.
Caroline finally decided on one costume after thinking of being an alien, cat, magician, and many other interesting things. Cinderella was the winner and she held her princess head high and mighty for her preschool to see how a lady can walk elegantly in blue heeled plastic slippers!
Jonathan enjoyed this year at the school "Fall Party". Being a mummy was much easier than coming up with how to be a refrigerator with an opening door with food inside!

Alivia was expressing her maturity by deciding to not go trick or treating this year and hosting a "How To Host A Mystery" dinner party - BBQ With The Vampire. They had a great time, and no, she didn't do it!

Caroline was excited to see the snow in October and wanted to go play in it. So she started to get her gear on and had to take a rest, she ended up taking a 2 hour nap right in the middle of the kitchen! When she woke up she said she didn't feel like going outside anymore. I suppose it was too much work! I'm sure there will be more chances soon.

So, Alivia wanted candy after all and thought it would be great if her and her friends could be the ugly step sisters and the fairygod mother! It worked quite well!

Our little tricksters

Caroline looking forward to saying those magical words..."Trick or Treat!"

Jonathan is ready!
Taylor is the "One-Eyed, One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater". Sure looks good to me!
The great loot and important Daddy check. Greg and I particularly enjoyed this Halloween as Alivia and her friends took the children around the neighborhood. Greg set up our firepit at the end of our driveway and enjoyed visiting with the crowds. It was 34 degrees and full moon. The children were wearing many layers under their costumes, but Taylor and Caroline were cold and came home early. Jonathan, Alivia and friends stuck it out, for candy sake!


Island Girl said...

Fun!!! Sooo love the flyin purple people eater!!! Classic!!!

MarciK said...

Taryn - your girls are gorgeous!

Jared and Adrianne Blake said...

Love that mummy costume. Your kiddos are so cute!

Kimber said...

So I finally found your blog address again after a major computer crash. Can't find an email address though--how are you all doing? Your kids are enormous!