Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Great & Quick, Martin and Fairchild Reunion! Dec.'08

Is it true? Debbie and Shawn Martin, together and in front of us in Idaho?! What fun! We hadn't seen each other's families for 2 1/2 years. Plus 2 deployments for Shawn. The Martins had traveled from North Carolina and us from Minnesota. It was so awesome to show our children that we can still keep friends that we make along our way. What a treasure!
Smitty's was one place the Martins hadn't tried in Idaho. We were just thrilled to see each other again! Alivia gave Brooke her long in making project of the red,white and blue hand knitted scarve.

Jonathan and the children up to form,could hardly contain themselves

Caroline got a hold of the camera! We opened presents (yummy tea from the Martins and we gave them a silly CD)and talked up a storm.

The kids did pretty good at behaving themsleves considering their excitement! While the grownups caught up. Oh yeah, and we managed to eat some breakfast!

Jake didn't remember Caroline and then there she was ... another little kid around his age!

Yeah more time together!We decided to go to the Idaho Museum and run around talking there! Debbie and Taryn strike a pose in our puffy winter coats.
Some many fun Christmas things to check out. Our favorite was the gingerbread exhibit.

Getting resourceful us girls had to break away and talk "girl" talk... in the bathroom of course! We came out 15 minutes later. Greg was like, "I thought you were just going to the bathroom?" Ha!Girls just wanna have fun!
Reminds me of the sticky pics in Jusco!

Japanese Nativity! In Okinawa we could buy this set for $250. go ahead, buy it!~

The plague!

Thank God I'm a country boy!... or at least born in Texas!
Cute Brooke!
Kyle and Jonathan were there somewhere just too fast and all over the place for us to catch them on camera. I did hear Jonathan sing for Sister Martin his "Best Friend" song. "Best friends should be together, that's how it ought to be, so I'll pretend you're a part of me and I'm part of you!"

Content Caroline

Alivia doing the wash in her pearls with Brooke~ in style!

Baby Jake isn't so baby anymore

Had fun while it lasted! God be with you,til we meet again!
Pranksters~Greg & Shawn
Sure glad these men are back from deployments & trips now back into the groove of life.

These guys are forever blessed with awesome & cute wives! Curious what the next trip or joke will be? Better yet, when's the next GAME NIGHT!?!!
Til next time...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Grand time in Idaho!

Can't find Caroline? Just look for Drew! They were getting in their quality time.

It was fun to hang out with Beth again, even if it was for a nibble while.

At Christmas we were SO LUCKY to see the Freeman family while in Idaho! Of all places to met up! Drew had to go skiing, so we did! Drew, Greg and Brian went flying on their own checking in on ther rest of us. It was a lot of our first times at it, so we got instructors. Chloe requested cute single ones! (She got them too! I guess it doesn't hurt to ask!)
I figured I'd gone snorkeling for the first time with the Freeman's I could go skiing with them for the first time too! Tom did manage to go down the slope several times before we left. We weren't accustomed to taking pictures in the bright snow so this is the only picture we got of the fun time. Only bruises and all glory!

We went out for Mexican lunch (can't get any good kind in Okinawa) and went to the Idaho Museum together. Chatted up a storm! That night we drove up to Kelly Canyon but got lost (thanks to the GPS) So we tried again the next night and had a great time! We even got free lift tickets from the "Nice guy" Lynn that works there out of his gratitude of our military service! Pretty sweet!

When at Grammies and Papa's the children created their own gingerbread masterpieces after being inspired of the ones at the museum. Ours we're the best...our we're eatable!

Of course by this point we had picked at the yummy treats for a couple days.

My favorite navitity because it's only the 3, Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus,which is the magic number. I like how Joseph is behind Mary being humbled. I think it's cool the material it's made of and where it's from!

Taylor made an igloo with cream cheese cake filling!

Having made our own winter wonder land at Grammies and Papa's it was time to say,
"See y'all later!" With ooxxOxooxx did you get that? hug, hug, kiss,kiss,BIG hug, little kiss,kiss!

There's nothing more comforting than a hug from your family that loves you so much!