Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spring work and Easter

I had a great time learning with my CTR 7 class! Spunky little jumping beans in clothes! I just had to take them out for icecream before I was released from that calling. Good thing I get to see them staying in primary.

Alivia put well over 10 hours of work into getting her room painted and setting it up. She was able to plan it along with finishing her first Young Women's value project in Choice and Accountability. (A lot of choices and being accountable happened here!)
Goofy grape Alivia, wore these paints falling off her the whole day cracking me up.
We painted the old bed that Grammy and Papa gave us. It's awesome now!
Easter is a favorite Holiday! Jesus Christ is alive!
This painting was a gift to me from Greg for Christmas. I love how the expression is made of the apostles running! Will we be anxious when we hear the Lord's come back?!

Greg is awesome at hiding the eggs We had around 50 this year.

We had a great time with Alivia's friend Ronney being with us all day. It was her first experience with Easter. She didn't know about Chirst or tried strawberry shortcake before muchless hunted for eggs. It was particulary neat when at church we sang a hymn and after she said, "Wow! that was fun are we going to do that again?!"

They hunt and can smell the chocolate out.

These are the sweet and precious moments of childhood. Let the sun shine down!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

April 2009- Greg's promotion to Lt. Commander O4

Greg gets to go to "work" at the University of Minnesota. Earning a Phd. in Medical Physics in 3 years is plenty of work. Behind him is the old fortress and is now used as the ROTC unit. He only checks in 2 times a year to do the fitness test. Living in MN has been totally different for us being in the Navy, having just come from a saturated military enviroment. We met and saw this captain the day of Greg's promotion and the day the captain retired! That's it. Greg and I feel out of the loop being students there isn't much going on anyway. We appreciate the bonds we've made prior to this duty station and look forward to the future.
Living together is always an adventure!

Fine Navy Day!
We all were treated to a tour of the "castle", the kids thought it was awesome. It looked like a great hangout as a grownup tree house inside. Decorated with cool pictures and flags on the wall only one TV. No one was scared of the height except the captain that showed us the way.
They love their dad! Greg makes extra effort to know and be with the children as much as possible. Being home more has it blessings.

Greg works hard to go above and beyond the call of duty. It's his pleasure and ours!

Catching up! April- May 2009

Alivia and I made this frog prince cake for a YW auction she wouldn't kiss it! But it sold well!

We went to UT during spring break for my brother Logan's wedding. We love Aunt Elise!

Jonathan kept everyone busy and entertained by crafting cool popout cards.

Caroline fell asleep like this! Wipe Out!

They stuck them up their noses to keep them in place...gross.

Primping in the hotel before the reception pretty girls everywhere!

The two blurs are Devin and Lauren making use of the ballroom floor! So sweet. Awesome live music.

Aunt Jodi & Caroline snuggle with Grandpa Riddle in the background enjoying the moment.

It was a wonderful time in the temple to watch a such a pure sweet couple that's sacraficed alot and been patient to be together to finally get sealed together! They were so ready after waiting on Logan's 1 yr.deployment to finish. This reception was the most amazing celebration I've seen for a marriage. Held at the captial building in Salt Lake City with the BYU ballroom dancers, best catering and military escorts. The night was beautiful and I didn't take many pictures because I was just enjoying it all.

The children pinned on Greg's new rank of Lt. Commander no more rail road tracks. Big day all around.