Friday, October 2, 2009

Progress in the Fairchild Home!


During the last year the living room has been the workshop! Ugh, the before looked better!Now everyone can see why we haven't had company. We've been busy with scraping the ceilings, painting them, then sand, prime, paint the window frames, added new wood blinds. Greg removed the 9 inch deep layers of the entry tile and had hardwood oak floors installed. Finished off with new baseboards and wall color.

Welcome to after! (I've hung paintings since and made the entry transition better by adding a half round entry table with a mirror over it)


One of the railings were missing because the previous owners used it as a chew toy for there dog!

It took alot of effort for Greg to figure out how to make the newel post and railing all line up and be sturdy as it continues up around to the top of the stairs. It turned out wonderful! I stained and painted everything including the baseboards.

After! We can breath better now.